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Terry Beckstrom is a nationally recognized communication and human behavioral expert who has trained thousands of corporate, law enforcement and military clients domestically and internationally in the art of people reading, human behavioral analysis, and the "superpower" of understanding and activating human emotions. Terry is considered to be one of the country's top body language and people reading experts and has a reputation for captivating audiences with his dynamic speaking style.


Whether you are a seasoned field agent or a young corporate novice, Terry's online and in-person training will take you and your career to new heights. His fundamental understanding of the human psyche, paired with his ability to connect with his students, creates a truly one of a kind learning experience that anyone can benfit from. Sign up for a course today and open youself up to what is possible.

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After 25+ years and one of the most distinguished careers in DEA history, it is no wonder why audiences love Terry. During his tenure, Terry acted as both a special agent and supervisory special agent, where he lead one of the most successful and record-breaking task force groups that the adminstration has ever seen. And, it didn't stop there.

After retiring from DEA, Terry continues to use his skills and expertise for good and has opened up his toolbox of success to the masses. No matter the crowd, Terry has a way of empowering everyone to become their best self and to get the most out of their life.

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Looking for more? Terry has multiple self-help books and reference guides that take a deep dive into human psychology and how to get the most out of your life. Each book explores the science behind success and gives insight into Terry's own time-tested techniques and tactics. No matter which book you choose to read, we guarantee it will change your life.

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